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Apple and Samsung Trade-in Quote Deductions

Our warehouse team do err on the side of generosity to customers and honouring our quotes where possible. However there are circumstances where the items sent in do not match what the quoted values were meant to be for.

Please see our Trade-in and Cash Sale pages for our standard rules that can result in devices etc being reduced or rejected.

However regarding phones and other devices in particular please see below.

All prices quoted (before any selections are made from the drop down menu) on each product are for a device in Very Good condition that is fully boxed and includes all cables etc that would be with it when purchased new (list of box contents is usually on product page). Deductions only apply if they would be included with the particular item when new.

Missing Items Deductions - If the item is low value missing item deductions may be combined and reduced.

Devices missing the box - 3% Deduction

Devices missing the mains adaptor - £3 Deduction

Devices missing the earphones - £5 Deduction

Devices missing the charge/data lead - £3 Deduction


If your device has a couple of light scratches on the screen and some marks on the rear casing etc there would normally be no deductions.

Only if scratches are visible on the screen when the device on would there be a deduction. The amount deducted would depend on the severity and number of the scratches.

If there is a LOT of light scratches and scuffing on the casing (ie a real overall visual affect on the device) a small deduction would be made.

If the casing is actually dented or cracked there would be a more severe deduction.

If the device has severe screen burn or other internal screen issues it is likely to be rejected or reduced in value severely.

If the device does not charge or hold a charge it is likely to be rejected or reduced in value severely.

If the device is otherwise not functioning properly the deduction would depend on the affect of the lost functionality (assuming not a deal breaker).

Devices that are engraved will have their value reduced with the amount depending on the prominence and size of the inscription as well as how specific or personal it is.

If you are wary you can contact us before you send anything in. If you provide an accurate description (especially with photos) we will be happy to give you an estimate.

We do understand that often these decisions are subjective and if you do not accept our final value after the warehouse evaluation we are happy to send your trade back to you speedily (at your expense but using a reasonably priced method of dispatch). Your devices will NOT be held hostage as you may have seen some sites do!