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About TechTrades

This site is dedicated to giving UK customers the best values possible when trading in or selling their Samsung Phone, Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad as well as other devices or indeed games and consoles (all Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo taken).

Fed up wasting time and effort carrying your stuff to your local GAME or Cash Converters only to be offered peanuts? 

Why do that when you can trade-in or sell your Tech online from the comfort of your own home and get a better price?

Why go through the hassle of listing them on auction sites only to get next to nothing?

With several options, a vast range of products to trade, sell and buy which when coupled with our excellent warehouse staff and systems and our partnership with the Royal Mail (including Free Tracked trade-in drop off) will provide you with a great stress-free experience.

As well as trade-in credit we take payment using PayPal (PayPal and all Cards) and Amazon Payments.

If you send us your stuff you can choose payment in trade-in credit, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

We hope you will join our community and find the experience a pleasant one.

Please check out our feedback page and if you are happy with our service please consider dropping us a positive comment or indeed a review on a third party website.

You can, of course, follow us through all the usual social media (see links at bottom of every page) to see the latest offers, competitions and news.


In the unlikely event you see a higher quote - Please let us know and we WILL beat it!*