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Xbox 360 320GB Star Wars Kinect Console - Limited Edition

Xbox 360 320GB Star Wars Kinect Console - Limited Edition
  • Xbox 360 320GB Star Wars Kinect Console - Limited Edition 01
  • Xbox 360 320GB Star Wars Kinect Console - Limited Edition 02
  • Xbox 360 320GB Star Wars Kinect Console - Limited Edition 03
  • Xbox 360 320GB Star Wars Kinect Console - Limited Edition 04
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Get the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle, with the first ever white Kinect Sensor and custom-designed console and controller based on popular Star Wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO. Use the Force like a Jedi and immerse yourself in the Star Wars experience you've always dreamed of, in ways you never imagined possible.

Feel the Force. You are the controller.

Kinect: Star Wars brings Star Wars to life like never before. Harnessing the controller-free power of Kinect for Xbox 360, Kinect: Star Wars allows fans to physically hone their Jedi skills, wield the power of the Force in their hands, pilot iconic ships and vehicles, rampage as a vicious Rancor monster or even dance with iconic Star Wars characters. Using full body motions, players can live out the ultimate Star Wars fantasy to use the Force, battle with a Lightsaber and more - no controller required.

Enter the galaxy: True to the Star Wars you know and love, "Kinect Star Wars" brings to life the "galaxy far, far away" with stunning visuals, complete with iconic characters, vehicles, ships, Droids and much more.

Use the force: Drawing on iconic moments from the entire saga, "Kinect Star Wars" invites you to experience a wide variety of physical play, including harnessing the powers of the Jedi Knights with your fingertips.

Customise your training: Experience the breadth of the Star Wars Universe as you wield a Lightsaber, train to be a Jedi Master, soar in command of a speeder bike, become a champion Podracer, wreak havoc as a rampaging Rancor, battle the Dark Side in one-on-one duels, dance for Jabba the Hutt, and much more.

Join forces: Share the Force with friends through co-op, competitive and duel modes. Easy jump-in and out lets a second player join in instantly on the Jedi action.

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 S Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Console Bundle Includes:
  • Xbox 360 Console: Bring the Star Wars characters you know and love into your living room with this custom R2-D2 themed Xbox 360 console with custom sounds
  • Kinect Sensor: Includes the first ever custom white sensor. Use the Force and unlock an amazing new world of games and entertainment with Kinect for Xbox 360 where you are the controller. Immerse yourself into the Star Wars universe with full-body gameplay.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: Includes custom C-3PO-themed Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
  • 320GB Hard Drive: The largest hard drive currently available on Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Wired Headset: Play your favorite games on Xbox LIVE and use voice chat to keep in touch with your friends
  • Kinect: Star Wars
  • Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising mode
  • Fulfill your destiny as a Jedi as you face a threat that could undermine the very fabric of the Republic
  • Wield a Lightsaber and master use of the Force in combat
  • Engage in space battles as you travel across the Galaxy, and pilot Speeder Bikes and Landspeeders on your epic journey
  • Duels of Fate mode
  • Face off against the Dark Side in one-on-one duels
  • Play with progressive difficulty, having to defeat each opponent in order to face the next
  • Opponents include a Magna Guard, a Sun Guard, Count Dooku, Sith, Darth Vader and more
  • Podracing mode
  • Become a champion in the most dangerous sport in the Galaxy
  • Complete in six races across five planets
  • As you progress, your pod is upgraded. Choose from different racers and customise your pod
  • Compete in two "circuits" with three races each, ending with the famous Boonta Eve
  • Rancor Rampage mode
  • There's been an escape from the pit under Jabba's palace - a Rancor monster is loose, and threatens to destroy Mos Eisley. Your job is to wreak havoc - you are the Rancor!
  • Playing as four different Rancors, destroy Naboo, Mos Espa, Mos Eisley and Felucia
  • Each Rancor - Bull, Jungle, Sand and Tyrant - has its own unique abilities
  • Galactic Dance Off mode
  • Dance for Jabba the Hutt and against many of your other favourite Star Wars characters
  • Star Wars characters provide the music, which includes tongue-in-cheek remakes of popular songs
  • Fifteen songs with difficulty settings for every song

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