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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge
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The game stars the elite master ninja of the previous titles, Ryu Hayabusa. Like the original, the events of Razor's Edge takes place in an uncertain amount of time after Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. This time around it also features a separate storyline for Ryu's kunoichi ally, Ayane, who stars in her own set of unique missions in Razor's Edge that involve the return of the Black Spider Clan. It also explores Ryu Hayabusa's more human side as he suffers from a curse known as the "Grip of Murder", which influences Ryu's murders in the game. A mysterious cult of alchemists rise, seeking to destroy the world and create a new world order with Ryu as the catalyst.

The plot begins with Ryu getting a visit from Japan's Self-Defense Force who request Ryu's assistance with a terrorist incident in London. He learns that the terrorists, a cult calling themselves the "Lords of Alchemy", are specifically calling out for Ryu's appearance there. He complies and heads to London, accompanied by JSDF member Mizuki McLoud, to find himself face-to-face with the leader of the cult known as the "Regent of the Mask". After a battle in the Prime Minister's mansion, he is cursed with the "Grip of Murder" on his right arm that constantly feeds on the deaths of others, and will kill him if does not comply with it. As he loses the Dragon Sword in the process, Ryu barely escapes the mansion with his life, and learns that the Lords of Alchemy threaten the world's immediate annihilation if every nation does not surrender within seven days.

Ryu and Mizuki then travel to the Rub' al Khali desert after they intercept an enemy signal. Mizuki gives Ryu a new Bow, and after Ryu fights his way through a small base he meets with Ayane who loans him Hayate's sword. Ryu then leaves, to fight off more enemies, only to find a tower in the distance. When he reaches it, he yet again finds the Regent of the Mask. The Regent reveals to him that the Dragon Sword was used as a medium in the application of the Grip of Murder, and that if not treated, it could deteriorate his arm and body from the inside out and ultimately kill him. Ryu takes this to note and begins to attack the Regent, but finds out that he was just a mirage. An attack helicopter then starts attacking, and Ryu takes it down. Depleted of energy, Ryu collapses into Mizuki's arms, who takes him back to the JSDF base Yunagi.


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